Monday, March 31, 2008

The Wind Storm

Kansas City was hit with a windstorm this morning, winds were at 70mph in some places. Daniel, Caden and I were laying in bed listening to the winds and commenting on how fierce they sounded. All of sudden we heard a loud crack. Daniel and I jumped out of bed and ran to our bedroom window. But we didn't see anything. So we didn't really think anything of it. Daniel started getting ready for work and I went into Caden's room to change his diaper. Then the doorbell rang. All I thought was, Oh crap!... I went downstairs and answered the door and our neighbors from across the street were standing there. And behind them was this...

The tree barely missed my car. Thank goodness. And had it fallen any other way our house, our neighbors house, or other cars would have been seriously damaged. Praise the Lord nothing was damaged and no one was hurt. That was our exciting start to the morning. :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter to everyone... a little late. Our weekend was filled with activity. Daniel lead worhip at all 5 services our church was having... and I supported him from home. :-) We spent Easter Sunday with my parents and sisters and our old family friends, the Barons. It was a great time, eating and talking and more eating. Unfortunatly I didn't get any photos of us as a family, STINK! Oh well, next time.

Caden has learned to clap. He does it non-stop. He also love to eat his hands.

Mom and Karen

Johanna and Katelyn

Pam, Caden, and Laura

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Update and More Pictures

Not much going on in the Miller household. Caden will be 6 months next Tuesday. He's getting alot more active and I wouldn't be surprised if he starts crawling soon. He loves to be outside and we've been enjoying the few days of sunshine and spring weather we've had. That's about all. Sorry it's not very exciting. Enjoy the pictures.

Enjoying Bathtime

Learning the play with Isaac.

My adorable nephew, Isaac.

We went to Arkansas last weekendto visit Mimi and Dawdi and Uncle Frank, Aunt Angie and Dylan and Austin. It was a really great trip. Daniel helped the guys with building Frank and Angie's house. It was a beautiful weekend and we had a picnic at the park. On our way back to Kansas City we stopped to see Zach and Erin and their kids. Unfortunatly we didn't get any pictures. It was great to see them too!

Caden and Dylan

Caden and Austin

Caden's first time in a "real" swing... he was unsure at first, but seemed to like it in the end.

Funny Faces, photo cortesy of Austin.