Monday, February 28, 2011


My sister Caitlin and her husband Sam came over for a visit yesterday. Caitlin is a dance instructor and a member of Storling Company. She taught the kids some ballet moves yesterday and they have not stopped talking about it.

We went to the library this morning and made a stop at the bathroom. Aliyah is currently being potty trained so I was focusing my attention on her. Caden decided to use the restroom and went into the stall next to Aliyah and I. Here is the converstion that ensued:

Caden: MOM! I can't do it, this potty is too tall.

Me: Okay, hang on one sec let me finish up with your sister.

Caden: I can't, I have to go.

I began to hear noises one might hear as someone relives themselves. I quickly finished up with Aliyah and walked into the next stall.

Caden: Mom, I've got it. I just did relevé like Aunt KK taught me and I got it.

Glad he's a quick learner. Thanks Aunt KK.

Friday, February 25, 2011


The other evening our family was dining at Wendy's. We were enjoying our meal and conversation when Caden points to a father and son sitting at a table close by...

Caden: Mom, those guys are Spanish.

Me: Really, how do you know that.
Caden: I just do.
Me: Were they talking in Spanish?

Caden: Yep, that's how I know they are Spanish.

Aliyah pipes in... (remember she's two, so I'm writing how she speaks)

Aliyah: Dose guys Spanish.

Me: Yes, they are.

Aliyah: I go talk them?
Me: No, stay here... they are eating their dinner and we won't want to bother them.

Aliyah: No I talk them.
Me: Please obey Mommy and stay in your chair.

Aliyah: I go tell them...

Me: What do you want to tell them.

Aliyah: CINCO!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Daniel: You know why I like you so much?

Gretchen: Ummmm, no? why?

Daniel: I think when I beat Mario I won't want to play it again.

Gretchen: Okkkay.... I guess you can trade it in if you want. But, what in the world does that have to do with why you like me so much?

Daniel: Well, cuz I can't ever beat you. You're my "game" but I won't ever be able to beat it. It makes life interestingly great. I won't ever get bored.

Gretchen: Phew, well I'm glad you won't be trading me in.

Love you babe!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Just Gotta Laugh

So Daniel is out of town for three days. I know that's not extremely long... but for us... it's long. The kids must have something built in to their systems that tell them to start acting up as soon as Dad walks out the door for a trip. It's only been 3 hours since he left and it's been CRAZY! Case and point... Aliyah doesn't want to walk from the car to the house by herself. It's 3 degrees outside, I get it... but my hands are full of grocery bags and I can't hold her. So instead of moving quickly to get inside because she's freezing, she stand outside in the driveway screaming and crying. Wonderful. Aliyah ends up in time out. A few minutes later I ask her to take her shoes to the shoe basket. For some unknown reason this proves to big a huge insurmountable task, much crying and fussing ensues. She gets warned that if she doesn't make a good choice to obey she will get disciplined. With extreme amounts of crying she turns to pick up her shoes banging her head on the wall then turning around to come to me and bangs the other side of her head on the door. SERIOUSLY! I just started laughing... I couldn't help it. I scooped her up and we decided to do the shoes together. I walk out of Aliyah's room to hear Caden yelling.... "MOMMMMM, MOMMMMM, MOMMMM." (extreme panic in his voice) I round the corner to see him peeing all over the top of the toilet seat. WHAT! He has never ever done that before. He told me he had to go so bad and just forgot to lift the lid. Once again, I just start laughing. What can you do. As I'm cleaning up the accident, Caden just keep repeating, "I'm so sorry mom, I'm so so sorry. It won't happen again. I'm so sorry mom." Oh motherhood.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Every Milestone Should be Celebrated

Caden has been potty trained since 22 months. He is now almost 3 1/2 years old. We have yet to conquer staying dry at night. I know this is often something kids struggle with for a long time. We've been chatting with Caden for weeks now about how he needs to stop using a diaper cuz he's a big boy. Last night as I was putting him to bed, I mentioned again how he needed to stop using a diaper and just get out of bed to use the bathroom whenever he needed to. I really didn't think anything of it.

5:15am Caden's door opens. My body is startled awake and I think "No. Way. He is not getting up for the day."

5:16am Caden heads for the bathroom and uses the potty and head back to his room.
5:17am I'm so excited that HE DID IT, that I feel wide awake.

5:18am Caden steps on a matchbox car on his floor, slipping and falling right on top of a plastic saw.

5:19am I bolt from my bed as screams and cries come from Caden's room.
5:24am Caden is settled in bed.... and I am wide awake.

I did eventually fall back asleep and we celebrated at the more godly hour of 8am. This afternoon we went and bought Caden "big boy" nighttime underwear aka Pull-ups and a special surprise aka a airplane. He was so excited about his new big boy night time underwear that he's been asking to wear it all day. Right now he is sitting next to me asking to go to bed so he can wear it. I'm looking forward to another success. It's the little things, right?

Caden's First Snowman

On another note.... our daughter Aliyah is the sweetest little girl. Over the past couple of months we've dealt with a major case of the terrible twos. She's a very independent little girl and has no fear, this has lead to some very challenging situations. The past couple of days have been very rewarding. She has awakened every morning with a smile and a song. Throughout the day she has been very compliant with "Okay, mommy" and "Sure, mommy i do that." Her sweet spirit is starting to shine through and makes both Daniel and I so proud. She is growing up and already turning into an amazing little girl.

Our Amazing Little Princess

Friday, February 4, 2011


Conversation between my son and my nephew.

Caden: Isaac, who is your favorite... Batman or Spiderman.

Isaac: Ummmm, (long long pause) I think.... (long pause) I think I like gray.

Caden: No Isaac, that's not a choice. Batman or Spiderman

Isaac: But I want to choose gray, that's my favorite.

I guess Batman and Spiderman must be new Crayola colors.

Isaac and Caden

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

It's a blizzard, quite literally. I was a little skeptical with all the hoopla and school/business closings. This upstate New York girl grew up with lake effect snow, we didn't get snow days! Blizzard like conditions were the norm, or so I remember. But man, we got a lot of snow! Daniel stayed home despite the storm not starting till mid morning and I'm so glad. It changed very quickly to heavy snow that accumulated fast. Daniel very diligently worked upstairs in our office till about 4pm. I'm thankful for a husband that doesn't cheat the system and really did stay focused while working from home. I do wish at times he wouldn't be so focused and would come play with us... but I think I'll take a dedicated worker over a slacker. Way to go babe!

Memories from today:

  • Caden woke up from his nap, looked out the window and said, "Mom! There is so much snow. It better stop or there will be no snow left for later days."
  • We spent our snow day baking and playing. It was really nice not to try to get any household stuff done and just enjoy our day together.
  • We made a lemon cake and jello jigglers.
  • We had a movie night with VeggieTales
  • Aliyah had her fingernails painted for the first time. She keep looking at them and smiling then asking all three of us to look at them. It was so sweet. She is getting so big! I love my little girl.
  • Caden has a large chapped red spot on his cheek. I asked him what it was from and he said, "It's from my sleeve. I use it to wipe my nose and my cheek doesn't like it."

Yesterday during nap time, Caden decided not to sleep. He was very quiet for about and hour and half, but I have a rule with him that he has to stay in his bed for 2 hours. Excessive I know, but he's a clock watcher and a smart boy, and I want to give him plenty of opportunity to be able to fall asleep. I told him he could get up when the clock said 3,3,0. So he sat there for 30 min just watching the clock. When it finally turned to 3:30 he started yelling for me.

Sidenote: Caden doesn't get out of his bed. No matter how many times we tell him what time he can get up, it's very rare that he actually climbs out of bed. Instead, he just yells and yells and yells until someone comes into his room.

That day I decided to see how long the yelling would last. "MOMMMMYYYYYY!!!!", over and over and over again. Different voice inflections, different volumes, different pitches, and different variations of the word mom. Kinda of humorous... kind of. The clock was going on 8 minutes when I finally went upstairs. I walked in and stood in his doorway with my arms folded and a scowl on my face showing my displeasure with his yelling. As soon as he saw me he folded his arms across his chest and said, "Mom, I am very frustrated with you. You did not come when I called. I've been waiting and waiting and calling and calling and you did not come. I am very very frustrated." He had the cutest little pout on his face and was being so serious, I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing. I was laughing so hard I couldn't talk. He saw how "funny" he was and quickly got over his frustration... and helped me get over mine.