Monday, February 28, 2011


My sister Caitlin and her husband Sam came over for a visit yesterday. Caitlin is a dance instructor and a member of Storling Company. She taught the kids some ballet moves yesterday and they have not stopped talking about it.

We went to the library this morning and made a stop at the bathroom. Aliyah is currently being potty trained so I was focusing my attention on her. Caden decided to use the restroom and went into the stall next to Aliyah and I. Here is the converstion that ensued:

Caden: MOM! I can't do it, this potty is too tall.

Me: Okay, hang on one sec let me finish up with your sister.

Caden: I can't, I have to go.

I began to hear noises one might hear as someone relives themselves. I quickly finished up with Aliyah and walked into the next stall.

Caden: Mom, I've got it. I just did relevé like Aunt KK taught me and I got it.

Glad he's a quick learner. Thanks Aunt KK.

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The Prescott's said...

love it...thank goodness for releve!!!