Friday, February 25, 2011


The other evening our family was dining at Wendy's. We were enjoying our meal and conversation when Caden points to a father and son sitting at a table close by...

Caden: Mom, those guys are Spanish.

Me: Really, how do you know that.
Caden: I just do.
Me: Were they talking in Spanish?

Caden: Yep, that's how I know they are Spanish.

Aliyah pipes in... (remember she's two, so I'm writing how she speaks)

Aliyah: Dose guys Spanish.

Me: Yes, they are.

Aliyah: I go talk them?
Me: No, stay here... they are eating their dinner and we won't want to bother them.

Aliyah: No I talk them.
Me: Please obey Mommy and stay in your chair.

Aliyah: I go tell them...

Me: What do you want to tell them.

Aliyah: CINCO!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

So cute!