Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Little Charmer...

Caden has quite the personality. He is Mr. Friendly. He loves waving hi to people and knows no strangers. He has this little charmer grin and head tilt he does when he knows he's being adorable. I happened to catch it on camera today. He was wandering around the house eating an apple, his new favorite snack. I looked up from the computer to see him sitting on the steps just munching away, looking very proud of himself. Here's the little charmer himself.

What I saw as I looked out the computer room doorway.

The charmer pose.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Caden's First Birthday

This is long overdue... as Caden turned one on Sept 18th. But better late then never, right? We spent a Saturday afternoon at the Deanna Rose Farmstead in Olathe, KS. Caden loved seeing all the animals and just walked around in amazement. Then on Sunday we went to Nonnie and Papa's house and had cake and ice cream and opened presents. Caden enjoyed his cupcake, but had a stomach ache later on that day. :-(

Here's just a collage of our birthday celebration.


I have been tagged by Erin.

1.When I'm upset about something I clean, and I clean agressivly. It's get out of my way and let me clean.
2. I hate when any of my food touches on my plate. I like everything to be separate and in it's own spot.

3.I can read a book in a day and a half, if I'm really interested in it. Unfortunatly because I speed read I rarely remember what happens in the book, and sometimes will pick up the same book and read it again without realizing until I'm quite a ways in that I've already read it.

4. When I travel in the car, everything has to be in a specific spot. I can't leave until everything is organized and accounted for. I have completely unpacked the car just to re-pack it again so I know where everything is.

5. I can't think of any other wierd habits I have. So I guess that's it.
I tag... well no one. Sorry!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lawn Mowing & Creative Parenting

This evening we had a dilemma... how could Daniel mow the yard and still spend time with Caden. Well, we came up with a solution.

Put Caden in the backpack...

Protect his ears with noise cancellation headphones and VeggieTales...

And be sure to capture it all on camera.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some photos

It's pretty much been normal around the Miller house the past couple of weeks. Caden is growing so fast. It's amazing how much he understands. He wants to communicate and has done very well in learning some sign language. He knows "more", "all done", "milk/bottle", and "eat". When he gets frustrated and tries to tell us what he wants he just does all the signs he knows over and over. It's quite funny.

Caden loves playing in his pool.

My two studs!

He loved sitting on this saddle. Can you tell by the grin?

Look, no hands!

Just hanging out watching Sesame Street.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cape Cod

We are back from vacation and getting settled back into a routine. Caden did amazing on the trip. The plane rides were a bit trying at times, but that was to be expected. He loved listening to his music on headphones, which was a life saver. We spent 10 days at the Cape camping with my entire family and two other families that we used to vacation with every year when we lived in New York. It was the first time we were all back together in 8 years, I think. It was great. We spent most of our time at the ocean. Caden loved the sand but was a little hesitant to get close to the water. He would fuss when we would bring him near, even fussing when someone he loved like Daddy or Mommy or his grandparents went near the water. He would point at them and fuss then point up the beach to where our blankets were. I think he was afraid the water was going to hurt them. But after two days he warmed up to it and started playing in it. Mind you, this water is cold I think the warmest it got while were there was 67 degrees. Frigid!!!

A few days after we got back from the Cape we got back in the car and drove down to Arkansas for a Miller family reunion. It was alot of fun. But I think we all were ready to just be home. Caden for sure was tired of traveling and being confined to a seat. He is starting to walk now and developing quite the entertaining personality. He keeps us busy. :-)

Enjoying his music!

Looking good in mommy's sunglasses

Nonnie, Papa, and Caden

Loving the sand

Me and Caden

Daniel and Caden having fun in the sand

Comfy seat by the ocean, courtesy of Daniel

The three little ones, Alistair Grimes, Caden and Isaac

Nonnie has the magic touch

Watching the fisherman bring the fish. Caden was mesmorized.

Our sunset picture. :-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The News...

So I realize it's been a while since I've posted anything. I have tons of pictures to put up, but very little time to do it. Caden is growing like a weed and is getting into everything. He is a very curious little boy. He loves his daddy so much. It's amazing to see the bond already starting to form. We're about to leave on vacation with my whole family. We'll be camping in Cape Cod. Pray for us if you think about it, as camping with a 10 month old is going to be challenging. Caden isn't the greatest sleeper, so I'm hoping the noise and the sun in the morning won't be too much. Daniel and I are also hoping to get some relaxing in. We'll see how that goes.

For the news, we found out on Monday that baby #2 will be girl. We are so excited!!! Now comes the hard part, picking out the name. :-)

I'll have lots of stories and lots more pictures when we return from vacation, until then...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catching up

Caden is now crawling... and boy does he move!!! We were able to catch most of the first crawl on video. Daniel has also taught Caden how to shoot the basketball. He loves to play with the ball. So here are some video and pictures for your enjoyment.

First time trying avacado.

Caden enjoys a good game of basketball.

Practicing his shot

His first two teeth are in.

Caden showing us he can crawl.

Daddy teaching Caden to shoot the ball.

My little sister Johanna also graduated from high school last week. She will be attending John Brown in the fall. YEAH! So proud of her.

The family... without the babies.

The sisters.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Details and a Sonatina

For those of you looking for a few more details about Baby #2... here you go. We wanted our first two children close together, but this was a little closer then we were expecting. Baby #2 is due Dec 21st. So they will be 15 months apart. We were a bit shocked at first, but after the initial Holy Cow!!!! faded away the excitement began to set in. We are very very excited to be having another baby. We will be finding out the sex of the baby, but that won't be for another 10 weeks or so. I've been feeling pretty good. A few days of nausea, but nothing major. With Caden, the morning sickness didn't start until 17 weeks and then I had to be put on medication because I couldn't keep anything down. Praying that doesn't happen. So there's not much to the details, but there they are. I leave you with our musician extraordinaire.

Caden is getting ready to play some serious music.

In the middle of his sonatina, serious concentration.

Any for your listenting pleasure, Caden's sonatina. Enjoy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Some exciting news...

I would go into a whole story and all sorts of details, but I think Caden can explain it well enough in this picture.

Due Date: Dec 21st

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Caden has been making lots of sounds for a long time, but this was a first. I was able to call Daniel on the phone as he was saying dada for the first time. It was so fun!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Notice, he never stops jumping. :-)

Caden enjoys snack time.

Mesmerized by Baby Einstein.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A little more mobile

Caden is getting ready to crawl. He has face planted numerous times in attempt to reach for something. He can't quite figure out how to get his legs up underneath him. He will stay in crawling stance if I place his legs correctly but he's unsure what to do after that.
Last week we went to the library and I had put him on the floor while I looked at the books on the shelf. Before I knew it he had reached out and tried to get the bottom shelf only to face plant right into the shelf. The lip of the shelf went right up into his mouth cutting his gums. Of course I was on the opposite side of the library from the bathroom... so we trucked our way across the library with all eyes turning towards us... me carrying a screaming crying baby with blood gushing from his mouth. Yeah, it was great! :-)

He also had his first bout with a cold and fever. He was alot more cuddly and a lot more fussy. You can tell in some of these pictures that he wasn't feeling the best. He's still getting over the runny nose part, but at least most of the fussiness is gone.

Loves tummy time now.

Not sure what to do.

Not feeling well.

This morning I was working the computer and had Caden on the floor with a few toys. I heard some rustling and looked over and found this.

He was having so much fun!!
What mom??