Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some photos

It's pretty much been normal around the Miller house the past couple of weeks. Caden is growing so fast. It's amazing how much he understands. He wants to communicate and has done very well in learning some sign language. He knows "more", "all done", "milk/bottle", and "eat". When he gets frustrated and tries to tell us what he wants he just does all the signs he knows over and over. It's quite funny.

Caden loves playing in his pool.

My two studs!

He loved sitting on this saddle. Can you tell by the grin?

Look, no hands!

Just hanging out watching Sesame Street.

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that girl and island boy said...

Caden is SO big and SO adorable! I LOVE his teeth! heee heeee! so so so so cute- I really enjoy seeing all the pictures of him. Thanks for posting them!