Monday, August 3, 2009

July Update

There have been a few changes in the Miller household as of late... all kids related of course.

Caden is 22 months. and came up to me last Wednesday and asked to go pee-pee on the big potty. I was shocked! We had been reading "potty" books for months and had put the "big boy" potty out for a while. We let him use it when he wanted but never pushed the issue. When he asked, I was thrilled. So I decided that day I would start potty training. We were on a "big boy" theme... on Tuesday we took down his crib and put in a big boy bed. So when Daniel got home we made a big show about going to the store and picking out big boy underwear. He was so excited to get home and wear them. He has done so well. We've had one accident at home since Wednesday... and an almost accident at the library. He does great at home, but I have to remind him when we're out that we can still go to the potty. I don't think he understands that other places have bathrooms. I do still put a diaper on him for naps and bedtime, which I think has helped him (and I) feel successful with the potty training. He is doing amazing!!! He stops whatever he is doing to say "Oh, mommy potty" and then he runs into the bathroom. He is getting so big. Tonight at dinner we asked him if he wanted to pray... we had been coaching him with his prayers for a while... but tonight he did it all on his own. Here was what he said... "De-dus , ta tu mommy, daddy, ye-ya (Aliyah)... help me... dis I know, Bible tell me so. Amen." It was the cutest thing ever!
Aliyah is 7 months now and is crawling everywhere. She pulls up on everything and is trying desperatly to walk. I am not ready for that yet, and I hope it doesn't happen too soon. But she loves to hold onto our hands and walk around the house. She has been sleeping through the night for about 10 days now which has been amazing!

When I write all this it feels so small in insignificant,but to a mom it's all major milestones. Enjoy these moments in life as I know it all passes by quickly.