Monday, September 21, 2009

To my son

You are two years old! You never cease to amaze us and sometimes we forget how little you really are because your vocabulary and your antics seem much older. Your love and excitment for life just oozes out of you all the time. You get such joy out of the simpelest things. The other day while I was watching a cooking show you came and sat down next to me... very close... and laid your head on my shoulder and said "love you mom." I cherish those moments. I love your tenderness and yet at the same time you are all boy. You love to run, jump and climb. You've recently started testing the climbing limits and I have found you in interesting places and your toys sitting way up high on different pieces of furniture. How you or your toys get to those places... I think I'm glad I don't see. You love roughhousing with your Dad. Growing up in a family of girls I have to hold myself back from saying "be carful, that's enough, or slow down." I'm not very good at that. :-) You also love to help daddy fix things, you will go grab your tools so you can be a part of whatever he is doing. You ask alot of questions and if I don't know the answer you will always say. "Ask daddy when he home." Your dad is the all knowing one. I am your security and your comforter right now. I love those moments when you just need a hug or you want me to hold you. They don't last long, but I love them just the same. You love your sister Aliyah and you are constantly giving her kisses and hugs. You love crawling around on the floor with her and calling her name to get her to follow you. It makes you laugh and her squeal in delight. You try to get her to roughhouse with you, but that usually results in crying for her and a bit of frustration for you. Someday soon you two will be running and jumping everywhere, but for now I'm glad you're the only extremely active one.
You have been looking forward to your birthday for a while. When I told you your birthday was coming up you looked at me very seriously and said. "Birthday, that means presents, cake and balloons." Yes it does. It's those types of comments that makes us laugh and smile in disbelief. You are one amazing little boy. Today you made me dinner with your new kitchen set and you set everything so nicely on a try. You put a hamburger, water, carrots, and ice cream out. I was very impressed with all the represented food groups. When I went to "eat" the ice cream, you stopped me saying, "no mom vegetables first." WHAT??? Where did that come from? I guess some things I am telling you are sticking. So I "ate" the carrots and then the ice cream.

We are so proud of who you are even at the young age of two. We are so proud to be your parents and we look forward to all that is in store for your life. Happy Birthday Caden!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Birthday Boy

My little muchkin... brand new baby

One year old
2 years old

Happy Birthday Caden! We love you so very much!
More pictures to follow from his birthday party. Also, there will be another post tomorrow... I wrote a whole letter to Caden and then went to post it and somehow lost it all. Frustrating! So, i'll have to rewrite it tomorrow... it's too late tonight.