Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Details and a Sonatina

For those of you looking for a few more details about Baby #2... here you go. We wanted our first two children close together, but this was a little closer then we were expecting. Baby #2 is due Dec 21st. So they will be 15 months apart. We were a bit shocked at first, but after the initial Holy Cow!!!! faded away the excitement began to set in. We are very very excited to be having another baby. We will be finding out the sex of the baby, but that won't be for another 10 weeks or so. I've been feeling pretty good. A few days of nausea, but nothing major. With Caden, the morning sickness didn't start until 17 weeks and then I had to be put on medication because I couldn't keep anything down. Praying that doesn't happen. So there's not much to the details, but there they are. I leave you with our musician extraordinaire.

Caden is getting ready to play some serious music.

In the middle of his sonatina, serious concentration.

Any for your listenting pleasure, Caden's sonatina. Enjoy!

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Scott and Hannah said...

How cute! You have a little Mozart on your hands. Thanks for sharing the baby details.