Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catching up

Caden is now crawling... and boy does he move!!! We were able to catch most of the first crawl on video. Daniel has also taught Caden how to shoot the basketball. He loves to play with the ball. So here are some video and pictures for your enjoyment.

First time trying avacado.

Caden enjoys a good game of basketball.

Practicing his shot

His first two teeth are in.

Caden showing us he can crawl.

Daddy teaching Caden to shoot the ball.

My little sister Johanna also graduated from high school last week. She will be attending John Brown in the fall. YEAH! So proud of her.

The family... without the babies.

The sisters.


The Slaughters said...

Are these all you sisters??!

Routine Mom said...

That video of Caden crawling is awesome. You'll be so glad you have that when he's running around (very soon- watch out!).