Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A little more mobile

Caden is getting ready to crawl. He has face planted numerous times in attempt to reach for something. He can't quite figure out how to get his legs up underneath him. He will stay in crawling stance if I place his legs correctly but he's unsure what to do after that.
Last week we went to the library and I had put him on the floor while I looked at the books on the shelf. Before I knew it he had reached out and tried to get the bottom shelf only to face plant right into the shelf. The lip of the shelf went right up into his mouth cutting his gums. Of course I was on the opposite side of the library from the bathroom... so we trucked our way across the library with all eyes turning towards us... me carrying a screaming crying baby with blood gushing from his mouth. Yeah, it was great! :-)

He also had his first bout with a cold and fever. He was alot more cuddly and a lot more fussy. You can tell in some of these pictures that he wasn't feeling the best. He's still getting over the runny nose part, but at least most of the fussiness is gone.

Loves tummy time now.

Not sure what to do.

Not feeling well.

This morning I was working the computer and had Caden on the floor with a few toys. I heard some rustling and looked over and found this.

He was having so much fun!!
What mom??


Deb, Chris, & Alissa McDonald said...

That is awesome!! LOL those last two pictures absolutely crack me up. He so adorable!!

Val said...

Aw, that picture of him in sick mode is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

What can you say? To quote a well know merchandiser - "babies r us"

Great report.

Uncle Mike

The Slaughters said...

'A little more mobile' is about to rock your world. I remember praying Belle would get mobile, then after she was I wondered why the heck I would ever pray for such a thing!! I don't think I'm going to let Jeb learn to crawl. Laying in one place is great for me.