Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Just Gotta Laugh

So Daniel is out of town for three days. I know that's not extremely long... but for us... it's long. The kids must have something built in to their systems that tell them to start acting up as soon as Dad walks out the door for a trip. It's only been 3 hours since he left and it's been CRAZY! Case and point... Aliyah doesn't want to walk from the car to the house by herself. It's 3 degrees outside, I get it... but my hands are full of grocery bags and I can't hold her. So instead of moving quickly to get inside because she's freezing, she stand outside in the driveway screaming and crying. Wonderful. Aliyah ends up in time out. A few minutes later I ask her to take her shoes to the shoe basket. For some unknown reason this proves to big a huge insurmountable task, much crying and fussing ensues. She gets warned that if she doesn't make a good choice to obey she will get disciplined. With extreme amounts of crying she turns to pick up her shoes banging her head on the wall then turning around to come to me and bangs the other side of her head on the door. SERIOUSLY! I just started laughing... I couldn't help it. I scooped her up and we decided to do the shoes together. I walk out of Aliyah's room to hear Caden yelling.... "MOMMMMM, MOMMMMM, MOMMMM." (extreme panic in his voice) I round the corner to see him peeing all over the top of the toilet seat. WHAT! He has never ever done that before. He told me he had to go so bad and just forgot to lift the lid. Once again, I just start laughing. What can you do. As I'm cleaning up the accident, Caden just keep repeating, "I'm so sorry mom, I'm so so sorry. It won't happen again. I'm so sorry mom." Oh motherhood.


Anita said...

I remember when Austin and Dylan got their first big boy underwear. That is a big milestone in the life of a little boy. I am so proud of him! Keep up the good work mom and dad.

Anita said...

Just wanted you to know, I love your blog. It really helps me through the day to hear your stories. They are so cute. If Art Linkletter was still on tv, Aliyah and Caden would be a hit on his show. If you don't know who Art Linkletter is, maybe they have some history about him online. It was a great show.

The Prescott's said...

good for you to laugh...those are moments when I think I would cry...today I was thrown up on and just as I take off my shirt she lays her head on my shoulder and falls asleep...a task that I kept trying to accomplish. i sat there covered from the waste down in puke...but with a little girl fast asleep on my shoulder for 45 minutes...I just smiled...oh the joys of being a mom...its fun to be going through this together!