Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A few visitors...

We have had a fun past few days. Isaac and Aunt Jen came over yesterday cuz their house is being worked on and it was too noisy for naps. Isaac and Caden had their first go at eating celery. It's a great snack, cuz it's cold, but Caden not having any teeth yet can't bite anything off. He loved it! Yes, he did gag himself a few times, but at least we know his gag reflex works. :-)

They had fun trying to grab each other. And stand up... it was so funny to watch them interact.

Caden has just learned to sit pretty much unattended. He needs some cushion behind him in case he topples over, but he's doing really well at it. Since he can sit up now, I gave him a bath in the sink... he didn't quite get why he couldn't grab the water.

Today, Aunt Laura came over. She had a snow day, but Grandma didn't so we volunteered to watch her for a few hours. Caden loves having undivided attention.

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Deb, Chris, & Alissa McDonald said...

I absolutely love that picture of him in the tub. It's too cute! LOL. I can't wait until Alissa can sit up and laugh out loud. :) It looks like you have so much fun with Caden :)