Friday, March 27, 2009

All about Caden

Caden and I were eating lunch today in the kitchen. I started pointing to the letters we have on the fridge and asking him what they were. He doesn't know all of them, but he knows quite a few. I pointed to the "Q" and asked him what it was. He said "Q" which he pronouces more like "coooo". Very cute! I was about to point to another letter when Caden said "Mommy... AHHH cooo, AHHH cooo." I started laughing so hard. Caden was telling me that the "Q" sound was the same sound that was made when we sneeze and say"Ahchoo." Hilarious!

Caden continues to crack us up and stun us with his intellect. (Brace yourself, cuz I'm going to brag on my kid for a bit) Caden is 18 months old and can say his numbers 1-10 and recognize them all. He also knows some of his letters verbally and by recognition. His vocabulary is amazing and he takes direction very well. He loves to help with the laundry and with cleaning. He's quite the little boy now and we are enjoying him immensely. He is in love with his Daddy and copies him all the time. He is always pretty amazed at the thing Daniel can do. Caden will look over at me with eyes wide and a smile on his face and say "mommy... Daddy!" Like he can't believe Daniel and his amazingness. If only I could write better and really capture the essence of our little boy.... but I guess a pictures will just have to suffice.

Playing with his sister

Laying down with Aliyah

Watching Daddy paint the play room

Started the potty training train of thought (Aliyah thinks its funny)

Putting Mimi's hat on... not quite right


Deb, Chris, and Alissa McDonald said...

Aww Gretchen that's so precious!! Thanks for sharing. I always love your updates :) Most people don't use myspace anymore and I don't have a facebook so i love hearing all about your kids and keeping updated!

KimB said...

Too cute Gretchen! They are precious!

The Prescott's said...

Oh I wish I could meet him. That is all very impressive for 18 months. I have kindergarten students who still don't recognize Q