Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Climber

The following is an actual conversation that took place this morning. Setting the stage... I am upstairs in my room on the computer while the kids are downstairs in the play room, playing.

Caden: Mommmmmyyyyyy!!!

Me: Yes Caden.

Caden: Come mere

Me: I'll be there in a minute

Caden: Come mere, help me

Me: I'll be right there

Caden: Help me, I stuck

Me: Okay I'm coming

Silence for about 25 sec.

Caden: Mommmmmyyyyy!!!

Me: Are you still stuck?

Caden: Yes, help me

I take about another minute to finish up what I'm doing. Seeing as there is no urgency in his voice, he's not crying and he often likes to pretend like he is stuck so I can "rescue" him and pull him out. Often times he is lying in the middle of the floor with nothing around saying he is stuck. So I wasn't hurrying.

As I enter the play room, this is what I see.

Maybe next time I'll respond a little faster


Helen said...

Haha! Oh the climbing little boys will do....

Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh! Hilarious, maybe a little scary.

Tyson and Lisa said...

what a funny little guy! it gives me a glimpse into our future...Audrey is already a champion climber!

Hannah said...

Funny and terrifying all at the same time! I am very impressed that he managed to get up there in the first place. That is a small little platform.

Katie said...

That's awesome!! How hilarious!!

Krista said...

Gretch, that is seriously hilarious! Had fun today. Thx for organizing. So sweet how Caden loves to give Sienna kisses and say 'hi'. :)

Rhonda said...

Oh Caden! My Caden was the same way! Always climbing around! Thank goodness for the monkey bars in the back yard!

He just wanted to be big like daddy! ;O)