Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stories, stories

I know my posts are primarily about Caden, but he is the only understandable talker right now... so we have lots to post about him. Aliayah is walking like crazy and she is so fast. She loves to play with her brother and follows him around everywhere. She's quite the little drama queen already, which can be amusing and frustrating all at the same time. She will be one in less then a month. I can't believe she is that "old" already. I have pics posted on facebook of our recent outings... but here is just a few things that have occurred recentlywith Caden.

While looking at a Christmas tree at the library, Caden blurts out,

"Mom, mom come mere... it's a cracker man!"

I walked around the tree to see what he was talking about... oh a nutcracker. :-)

This one is only funny because it's past the moment. While eating lunch today (which took him an hour), I was strongly encouraging him to take more bites. I was losing patience very quickly as every meal right now is a fight. I picked up his fork and said,

"Caden this is your last chance, take this bite or you will have to get a spanking."

His repsonse,
"Mom, I dont want too.
I said no mom. I said no.


Mom, you go to time out. To time out Mom." This was said while pointing very fervently to the time out chair. Yeah, funny now, but not so funny then.

Another library story... as soon as we walked into the library he found a Bob the Builder Christmas book. He grabbed it and said

"Lets go mom, give it to the lady and go home."

I guess that's all he wanted. I said I wasn't ready yet and told him to go back to the kids section and he could read it until we were ready to go.

Well, he missed the go back to the kids section part and plopped right down in front of the check out counter on the floor and started reading the book.

Of course reading the a Bob the Builder book can not be done without singing the theme song as loud as you can. "Bob the builder, can we fix it. Bob the builder, yes we can!"

At least the staff thought he was really cute and not loud and obnoxious.

I think we are going to making a scene more frequently, lets just hope I can find the humor in the situation. Speaking of making a scene, I have one more story, but it will have to wait for next time.... it's about a midget and Caden. Ya sounds like a joke... it's not.


K. Jenison said...

I just love their little minds, they are so practical aren't they?! I especially love the story about the library, I can picture him plopping on the floor and reading/singing his book. I always think of Caden as an "old soul". Btw, Aliayah looks just darling in the picture at the right (top). What a precious family!

The Bishops said...

Gretchen you had me and Nate rolling! LOL. What a funny boy you have. And I'm anxiously waiting for the next story. :0

The McDonald's said...

I love it. It NEVER gets old. =) Keep the stories coming!!