Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red Faced and Laughing

Tonight we had the pleasure of attending a JBU choir concert. They are doing their spring tour and it started in Kansas City. We all went out to a local church to hear them sing and to hear my younger sister Johanna sing a solo. She was amazing!! The choir was good too, but she was amazing. I'm so proud of her!

We got there before the concert started and we were chatting with the Musgrave family. They have a 12 year old son, Dave, that is friends with my youngest sister Laura. Caden has been around Dave a few times and has had so much fun with him and has since dubbed Dave as "my best friend." Needless to say Caden was so excited when he saw Dave. He asked to sit with him and would not stop talking about everything and anything. Even when we asked him to be quiet he wouldn't quit waving and saying "Hi David." And he was still sitting right next to him. Dave's a good sport to put up with the friendship of a two year old.

So onto my red faced moment... The concert was about to start and Caden was now sitting with us. We started cramming food into his mouth hoping to keep him quiet for at least some of the concert. Caden is a talker and likes to talk to everyone and doesn't understand why there are times talking isn't allowed. That is a forgein concept to him despite our best efforts. Even his whisper is loud. So the food was working... until I saw the "i have to go to the bathroom" squrim begin. Daniel quickly took him out to use the restroom as the choir was lining up at the back of the auditorium to make their entrance. They came back down the main aisle as one of the pastors was introducing the choir.

Caden comes running down the aisle, gets to where his "best friend" David is sitting and yells out for all to hear "David, I did it!!! I went potty!!!"

Oh Lord the mortification! I just had to laugh and say "Yes,that's my son." He wanted to share his excitment with Dave and apparantly the whole church.


racheljenae said...

hahaha! that's hilarious! definitely one to put in the scrapbook!

Krista said...

That is hilarious!! Love the innocence of children and how excited they get about the little things in life!! It's refreshing! :)

Crystal said...

My son turned two a couple of months ago and I learned something about two year olds... they can't keep secrets! Why should they? Everything is SO exciting! Cute story, thanks for sharing!

- JustaHousebear

Dave said...

Hi! Come on over and check out my new blog about parenting!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!