Friday, July 23, 2010

Thinking and Trying

Caden and I sitting here on the couch. He's staring off into space, eating a Rice Krispy Treat and drinking water. I'm checking my email and catching up on blogs.

Me: Whatcha thinking about?
caden: (long pause) WordWorld
Me: Really... what about Wordworld
Caden: (again, a along pause) Just about Wordworld, that's what I'm thinking about. Nothing else mom.

I love my kids.

It was getting a bit crazy and I was feeling a bit burnt out, then Daniel took off 2 1/2 weeks between jobs. Now I feel refreshed and ready to pour into my kids lives. It's still challenging, but my "I'm done" attitude is put on the shelf for a while. I've been really working hard on changing my attitude and remaining positive despite what the circumstances are around me. It's hard work, but such a better place to live.

This week has been interesting. Not only was I flying solo again after 2 1/2 weeks of bliss, but both kids contracted Hand Foot and Mouth disease. What a way to come back from vacation! At the beginning of the week as I was cleaning the house and feeling a really bad attitude growing and growing, I started to pray, saying "God, I'm really trying to have a good attitude here, could you help me please!"

And the response I got, "No, you're not. Try harder." WHAT!!!! Are. You. Kidding. me! Try harder????

But then I really thought about it. He was right (go figure) i wasn't trying all that hard. In fact I wasn't trying at all. I think I just thought that if I thought I was trying, then I would be.

But I was only thinking about trying hard, I was actively trying. It was all in my head. So I started actively trying to stay positive and guess what... it worked! My bad attitude went away and the kids and I had a great morning cleaning the house.

I love my kids!


Helen said...

It can be so hard to maintain that good attitude! I'm so glad that break between Daniel's jobs was such a good refresher for you. Hopefully the kiddos will be feeling better soon and you can get out again :)

P.S. Don't forget to update the link to my blog on here! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wonderful story!
I am regretting that I always seek the means of stress reduction.

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James B. said...

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racheljenae said...

I was just thinking about you guys and came to get all caught up on the Miller household! I can't believe your kids are getting so big already!!! Glad you got a little much-needed break and with the holidays right around the corner hopefully that means more to come!

justjess said...

You're so great. I love the friendship we have and how much you mean to me. I love how the L-rd spoke to you and encouraged you at the same time. And I love how precious and sweet your kiddos are. I'm glad to see you have a blog too!