Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Update

It's my goal this year to blog more. I don't always have lots to say, but writing memories down is important. So, that's my plan.

Our household has gone through big changes over these last six months. I started working part time. It's been wonderful! I work for a pregnancy resource center. I wasn't looking for a job it just kind of fell into my lap. I am the event coordinator. It's the perfect blending of a my skills and a passion for saving the lives of babies. Not only is it my job, it's my ministry. The kids have adjusted amazingly well. I only work out of the house two days a week and the rest I do from home. It's perfect. The kids spend one full day with Nonnie and one half day with a friend of mine. It's a perfect set up. I am so blessed to be working for such a great ministry and to have amazing friends (AMY) and family support that allows me to follow my heart.

A little update on the kids...
Caden is one amazing little kid. He is so inquisitive and so smart. He loves everything guys, wrestling, exploring, superheroes and sports. He loves to read and learn. He is so ready for preschool, but he just turned three. So I've been teaching him a little at home and trying to stay ahead of him. He has an amazing memory. If we're going grocery shopping I give him a few things to remember and he always reminds me. Helps this mommy brain out alot!

Yesterday I told him that the snow was a perfect consistency to go make a snowman. We've had a lot of snow, but it was the fluffy kind, not good for packing. Now that it's melted a little it's perfect for packing. So I said, "Caden, the snow is perfect now for making a snow man. Let's get our snow stuff on and then "WE" can go outside." He ran around the room screaming with excitement. I left the family room to go gather up the snow stuff. When I walked back in Caden was sitting in front of the television pulling the WII off the shelf. I asked him what in the world he was doing and he said, "I'm taking WII outside!" WHAT?? "Mom, you said you'll get our snow stuff on and WII can go outside, I'm taking him with us." I couldn't stop laughing. He hears everything!!!!

Aliyah is Miss Independent. She is so active, rarely sitting still. She is all girl. Loves to dress up like a princess and play with her babies. She had grown up so fast. Sleeping in a big girl bed now. She loves to sing and she loves to talk. She gets overpowered alot by her very social and talkative brother, but she's starting to hold her own. She can be quite the cuddle bug at times and I love it. She loves to ride her bike. She also loved to wrestle with her dad and play chase. One of my favorite sounds, her laughter. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

I think that completes my update. I'd update about the hubs... but there really isn't anything new to say. He enjoys his job and he's still a completely amazing and wonderful husband and father. :-)


The Prescott's said...
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The Prescott's said...

I'm inspired...I need to update...its so good to hear about your family and all that is happening. I'm excited to hear about you idea i've tossed around a bit too. Seems like it works well. I'll keep reading if you keep writing!

Hannah said...

Wonderful update! So glad to hear you all are doing well. Sounds like you are enjoying life and family. O look forward to your regular posts.