Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Sunday

I love Sundays. I love Sundays because they usually involve sports and a nap. Somehow Sunday naps are different then any other nap during the week, or even on a Saturday. They seem cozier, sweeter and just more restful. I was really looking forward to my Sunday afternoon nap today. Daniel lead worship this weekend, which makes for a very busy morning. There are three services at our church, which means Daniel is up and out of the house by 6:30. Directly after church Daniel had a basketball game, so we ran out to grab some lunch and rushed back for the basketball game. I love to watch my husband play basketball. But watching basketball with two very active toddlers is not really that much fun. I can't relax... I worry about Caden throwing a ball onto the court during play, or Aliyah dancing her way to center court completly oblivious to the players running around her, or one of them tripping on the bleachers and falling to their death. See... can't relax. Needless to say because of this I missed THE ACCIDENT. I heard a collective gasp and I look over to see my husband laying on the floor very slow to get up. He was touching is mouth very tentatively, I thought he had chipped a tooth. Then I saw blood, lots and lots of blood. He was quickly helped into the restroom and the team followed him in. I sat in the stands wondering if I should run like a very concerned wife right into the restroom, or calmly wait for a team member to come get me. I wisely choose the latter. Here's what had happened... Daniel was scrambling for a loose ball and fell onto the floor as a very large opposing team member fell on top of him slamming his face into the court. An old scar on Daniel's chin was reopened by the force of the blow. So... my beautiful Sunday afternoon nap... yeah, didn't happen. Instead we spent two 1/2 hours in urgent care. But I choose to see the positive and enjoy the fact that I got to spend a few hours with my husband without kids and very little interruption. It was as pleasant as an urgent care experience could have been. Six stitches later, we came home. Thank goodness for parents who live close and could take the kids home for nap time. It wasn't my ideal Sunday... but it was a good one nonetheless. It's been a Sunday of being thankful for the little things and realizing how much I am blessed with.

A memory I want to remember:
  • When I came home from getting my hair cut, a cut that included bangs... Aliyah just kept staring at me. Then she walked up and said, "Haircut Mommy?" "Yes, mommy got her haircut." She slowly climbed up on my lap still looking at me very inquisitively, then reached up and pushed all my bangs away from my forehead and said "OH, hi mommy." Such a sweet baby girl. I love her with all of my heart.


Anonymous said...

They can say & do the sweetest things. It makes the joy bells ring!!

YHOSIE said...

what a cute baby saying that .. :D
i'll sure want to remember that too forever :)